Discover How The Baby-Faced Assassin Is Helping Entrepreneurs, Just Like You, To Crush Their Competition Online.

Just Like Michael...

Chris was brought on-board to write the sales copy for a new product we were launching. This was in a market that he said he had not previously written for but, if we were happy, he would investigate prior to writing the copy.

Following a detailed investigation both into the market and the product we received the first draft of the copy. It was excellent. A few adjustments were needed before the final version was provided.

During this time Chris was readily available to discuss the product and any questions we had about the copy. He then checked the sales page before it went live and made suggestions regarding to the layout and elements included on it.

Of course, what really matters is conversion. Having had thousands of clicks through to the sales page our final figure sits at a very healthy 3.4% conversion rate, which we were very happy with.

We’ve since worked with Chris on other campaigns and he continues to produce high converting copy and I would not hesitate to recommend him to others.

Michael Wilding

Anonymous Ginger Ltd.



Chris Wright

“Baby-Faced Assassin”

It’s okay to admit it…

You’re feeling lost.

Sales have stalled, and money is being left on the table for other savvy-marketers to scoop up.

You’ve taken your ‘slice’ but it’s not enough…

So you’ve decided to work with a copywriter to take you to the highest peaks of profitability.

The only problem is, the marketplace is flooded with $20 Elance ‘writers’ that can’t string a readable sentence together…

And ‘cookie-cutter’ copywriters who create a written Frankenstein.

But I promise you now…

Hi. I’m Chris Wright and I want to make your search that one bit easier.

In fact…

21 times easier.

I’m going to be revealing 21 of my persuasion techniques which I have been using to make a killing for online entrepreneurs, just like you.

The same entrepreneurs that have been the underdog in their market before they began to clean up with my copy in their arsenal.

Just like Simple Spencer…

Chris is an AMAZING copywriter.

I was lucky enough to get him to write the copy for one of my recent launches.

The launch pulled in $27,315.02 in just 3 days.

I also had him work on a few other side projects which also brought in a lot of extra coin.

Chris seriously knows his stuff. He's worth every penny.

And what impressed me the most about him is how responsive and reliable he is.

Not many copywriters around that will go that extra mile.

Thank you Chris!

You are definitely one of the top copywriters in my rolodex.

Simple Spencer

You might have noticed that, unlike other copywriters, I look hell’a young.

You may have already put 2 ’n’ 2 together to make “The Baby-Faced Assassin.”

(And if you hadn’t… you probably have now.)

It’s because I produce results for clients under the radar…

And you can have the same results too, using persuasion techniques like:

Now you may be wondering why I’m different.

After all there are hundreds of copywriters touting their ability.

It’s because…

Remember how I’ve been helping underdog entrepreneurs to make a killing in their market?

Well here’s my dirty, little secret…

I’m an underdog.

Just like you.


Because of my Baby-Face.

I’m overlooked by marketers who presume that I’m incapable of delivering results because of my youthful looks.

But this is the exact reason why I do deliver results…

My baby-face forces me to work twice as hard to grow my business.

Why should you care?

Because you need a copywriter who works twice as hard on your copy, to send your sales hurtling into the stratosphere.

Simply put…

The fact is that my clients are making serious coin from my copywriting…

And so can you.

When you hire me I’ll relentlessly pursue your success using the exact combination of persuasive techniques from my box of toys, like:

The Thumbscrew Throwdown. In Medieval Europe, thumbscrews were used as a torture method until the victim would do anything to stop their thumbs being squashed. A Baby-Faced copy tightens the screws on your prospect’s problem until they submit and have to get their hands on your solution.
The ‘Ancient’ Achilles Heel. They say that every man (OR woman) has a weakness… an Achilles Heel. It was true 1000 years ago, but it’s now outdated. A Baby-Faced copy will turn every weakness into a reason why the customer needs to buy your product… and this little-known skill helps cut refund rates!
The VSL Formula. A video sales letter is a whole other ball-game. It’s only slightly different from a written sales letter, but if you fail to make the right changes your product will end up in the gutter. (90% of copywriters don’t even realise this!)
The Underdogs Unite.“You’re either a winner or third.” Going up against an established brand can be hard… but the underdog can come out on top. I’m living proof. Let’s work together to crush your competition and establish you as the go-to product.
Push And Pull. You see this all the time in dating, first your date will show you interest, then pull away… it makes you want them even more. The same can be used in your copy to make your customer lust after your product like they’ve been struck by Cupid’s arrow.
Pack-a-Punch. What hits hardest, a masseuse or a Muhammed Ali in his prime? The same goes for your words… use the right ones and you’ll be scoring as many points as Ali, use the wrong ones… and you’ll be laying face down on the canvas.


The answer?

Hard study, hard work and hard experience.

I figured that the best way to learn how to write killer sales copy is to learn from the greats… who have pulled in millions, if not billions for their client’s.

I committed money, time and energy into studying the works of:

And I took this knowledge to the only place where it matters; to market. I had success but knew I could be better. So I sought mentors.

And that's when the real learning curve came; at the hands of some of the top copywriters of today who took the time to critique my work and give me a platform to reach the next level.

They’re common names in online marketing, and if you’ve been around for any length of time… you’ll probably know them.

(Want to know who they are? Ask me when we’re discussing your project.)

It’s through them that I discovered killer sales techniques like:

“Promise me this…" There’s one promise you need to make if you want to boost sales dramatically (it might sound backwards, but you’ll thank me when you see your sales shoot through the roof.)
The Best Man Wins. Do you think that facts and statistics are your most powerful sales tool? If you do, you’ll be choking on the dust left by savvy-marketers using the most powerful sales method of all.
Patchwork Profits. This technique has been proven, time and time again, to send your profits skywards. Without it, your customers won’t trust you enough to hand over their hard-earned cash.
The Extra Push. Your customer’s standing on the edge… about to jump off the burning building, into the net below… they know it will save their life… but they need one small push to take the opportunity. This small push provides a HUGE boost to your bottom line.
Bite The Bullet. Doberman Dan talks about a time where it was his words against a gun. In this case Dan made a ‘killing’ with his words and saved his life. This vital copy technique can have life-changing effects for your bank account.

Now, let’s continue…

I’m first, and foremost, a business owner.

But unlike most copywriters who came from the world of the employment to their new copywriting biz…

I was a business owner before I began copywriting for clients.

Ever since I left school at the ripe age of 16 I’ve run online sales businesses.

Some worked.

Some didn’t.

But all provided the up’s and down’s that you experience as a business owner.

One moment you can be selling product by the minute, and the next it falls of a cliff leaving you scrambling for a way to provide for those who rely on you.

I get it.

You need to ensure that every single dollar you invest makes a return… which means performing due diligence on everyone (and everything) you work with.

But before you decide if we’re a good fit…

The Watchman’s Tower. 90% of marketers try to educate their prospect’s into buying. This is a waste of time and money… the right copywriter identifies which prospects are ready to buy and strikes them with an irresistible offer.
The Headline Haymaker. Your headline is your one shot at grabbing your prospects attention and guiding them to read on… if you can incorporate the 4 little-known, attention-grabbing ingredients behind every great headline, then you’re on to a winner.
It’s Not You, It’s Me. Pssh, my ass. It’s me isn’t it? The same trick that your last girlfriend played on you can be used on your prospect to give you the power. And with great power, comes great sales.
Daydreamin’. I remember staring out of my classroom window, imagining about what I wanted to do in the future. Since then I’ve learned how to trigger this exact reaction in your prospect so that they see themselves in possession of what you’re selling… this alone will make some prospects skip right to the buy button.
The Avalanche. A Baby-Faced copy sends your prospect tumbling through your sales message until they hit the buy button at the bottom. This is a must-have in every sales copy.

Do you want these supercharged sales techniques in your copy?…


I know what it feels like to be the underdog.

But I also know how it feels to crush the competition and become top dog.

So let’s not beat around the bush…

You’ve read this far because you want to become top dog and fill your pockets with a nice chunk of change.

But you don’t achieve these conversion rates with ‘cookie cutter’ or $20 copy.

You need to invest in the right copywriter who gets you.

Just like you invest in yourself…

Your family…

And the future you’ll have together.

It’s in your hands…

Make the decision to topple your competition and become top dog now.

It’s simple, really…

Just head to the bottom of this page and fill in the details.

I’ll be back in touch within 48 hours…


They are:

You must have a product or service which provides huge value for your target market. That means that it helps them solve a problem in their life… I flat-out refuse to market a product which fails to deliver on it’s promises.
You must have a basic understanding of how to send quality traffic to the sales copy. It’s not enough to just have good sales copy… if you can’t send the right kind of traffic to it, it’s going to be a time-suck for you and I.
You must be serious about investing in your bottom-line. My services are not the cheapest on the market, but they do produce results.

Sound good?

Fill in the form below and let’s have a chat.

Chris Wright

A.K.A. Baby-Face Assassin

P.S. You need to unleash a copywriter who lives and dies by his results. My baby-face forces me to work twice as hard as other copywriters… take advantage of this by hiring a copywriter who is hungry for your success.

P.P.S. While other marketers are overlooking me because of my baby-face, more and more are opening their eyes to the explosive sales Baby-Faced Copy is producing. Because of this my schedule is filling up… the longer you wait to contact me, the longer it will take for your copy to be packing out your wallet. Contact me right now and let’s get talking on how we can make your project a success.